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Exothermix: a Covenany Company

Giving Back

Our Commitment to Change

Warmth is fundamental to life.


We need heat for safety, health, comfort, and convenience.


Exothermix is in the business of delivering Safe Heat. Anytime. Anywhere, through enabling innovators to meet human needs that drive their businesses.


As important as what we do is how we do it. With solid science and excellent engineering, we meet opportunities head-on to create value, and in every interaction, we strive to put the other person first. 


While we work hard, it is not to benefit ourselves.


As a covenant company, we not only work to provide a good return to our investors but also to benefit the world around through our products and a tithe of our profits, focusing on those that the world has forgotten.


Some say the world is a cold and dark place, we at Exothermix are endeavoring to make our world just a little bit warmer and brighter with regards to how principled and ethical business is done.


Let us bring the warmth.  

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