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Self-heating jojoba oil hair serum

Lightweight, residue-free & now in self-heating packs for targeted heat treatment, our Jojoba Oil Hair Serum multitasks to provide extra hydration while also reviving the scalp when it needs a little love. Featuring a hearty blend of nourishing oils like Jojoba & Lavender, the warmed serum penetrates hair follicles (especially great for low porosity hair!) as an extra boost against dryness & breakage while helping to reduce scalp itchiness & flaking.


Fit to remarkable Function

A noninvasive and non-habit forming alternative to surgery and medication, TriFit is a supportive, unintimidating solution that can be incorporated into any lifestyle efficiently and comfortably. Exothermix’s Heat Pack is designed to fully customize the fit of the thigh and calf supports of the brace

DJO Trifit

OrthoCor - Orthopods

Get non-invasive pain relief today. 

The OrthoCor  Active System is the only device on the market that delivers OrthoCor’s patented Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) therapy, a noninvasive, highly-effective approach to pain relief. Exothermix’ OrthoPod powers the system and provide comforting warmth throughout entire treatment.

Combat Medical - HAWK Warming Cell

The HAWK ™ Advanced Hypothermia Management Set is designed to help prevent and manage hypothermia by combining the advanced technology of adjustable, air-activated warming grids and the APLS Life Guard Military Litter

Combat Medical

Cremo - Hot Beard Oil

Nourish that unruly beard and restore it to its former glory.

Even the greatest beards need love - the elements can leave them coarse, dry, and wiry. With an easy, once-a-week application of our self-heating Hot Beard Oil Treatment, your beard will get the nourishment and deep-conditioning it needs to restore lost shine and softness. So heat up, and elevate your beard from good to astonishing - in no time flat.



Who has the time to go searching for hot water minutes before their big game? The SISU Heat Pack is a portable heating source to allow athletes to mold their SISU Mouthguards from anywhere! Without the need for water or electricity, the SISU Heat Pack is the perfect one-time use solution for lost or forgotten mouthguards. Always be prepared for battle with the SISU Heat Pack! Also available in mouthguard + heat pack bundles.

SISU Heat Pack.JPG

No more hassle of microwaves and tea kettles! The SOVA Heat Pack provides you with instant heat in any location. Without the need for water or electricity, the SOVA Heat Pack is the perfect one-time heating solution for quick and easy cleanup. Mold your SOVA anywhere, anytime! 

LO Heatcure

L’Oréal REDKEN - HeatCure

Peel. Heat. Treat.

This weekly fortifying mask delivers deep conditioning to restore hair's healthy look and feel. For use in between Heatcure in-salon service or as a stand-alone mask.

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Mission AthleteCare – NITROActive

Personal warmer for use in garments and specialized accessories.

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