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Life is complex. We know that.


Perfect solutions don’t have to be.


The Exothermix heater comes in a self-contained package and is easily activated by simply removing a seal on the outside of the package, and exposing the heater to air.


You’re good. Our design takes it from there. The Exothermix heating system is extremely lightweight and can be easily integrated into a product or its packaging.


No water or other liquids are needed to activate the heater, eliminating the restrictions and difficulties typically associated with other liquid-based heating systems.


The Exothermix heating system harnesses the energy (heat) created from the simple reaction of zinc with air; the same reaction that is found in a hearing aid battery. The heater can be precision-tuned to safely activate in 2 to 15 minutes – depending on the size, weight and desired temperature of the product to be heated.

The Art of Simplicity

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