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Safe HEAT Anytime, Anywhere.

Custom Designed

Bringing big ideas to life.

Customized and fine-tuned to meet your application requirements. Packaging, size, shape, heat-up time, and temperature are only a few of the performance criteria we can control with remarkable precision.

Custom Designed heated packaging
Portable heated packaging

Extremely Portable

Lightweight. Low profile.

Extremely lightweight and can be easily integrated into a product or its packaging. No water or other liquids are needed to activate the heater, eliminating the restrictions associated with other liquid-based heating systems.

Simple and Easy-to-Use

Simple made easy.

Self-contained package and can be easily activated by simply removing a label on the outside of the package, and exposing the heater to air.

Simple heated packaging
Safe self heating package


Without compromise.

We go to great lengths to minimize the possibility of exposure to unwanted heat. Our precautionary measures include (but are not limited to) rigorous testing and validation, quality control, protective packaging, insulation, instructions for use and warning labels.

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